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Knox Module missing TKO

I am trying to compile both the Netlinx and the Duet modules for the Knox Media Flex Switcher from the AMX web site and both are missing the COM MODULE .TKO file. Any ideas? It looks like AMX forgot to pack the .tko com module with the rest of the files. The name of the missing file is:


If anybody has it could you please e-mail me or let me know how to get it. Thanks,



  • Just loaded it from InConcert a minute ago, and it is complete.... Find attached.

    In the archive you'll find a .jar file, which is the module.
    Implement it in the common way with DEFINE_MODULE...
    The virtual device (or better: Duet device) must be 41001 ... 41999

    Check that the .jar can be found by the compiler. Imho best way is
    - to save it in c:\program files\common files\AMXShare\duet\modules (this is the default folder for module files, i.e. used by VisualArchitect)
    - to add it additionally to your workspace.
  • viningvining Posts: 4,368
    I usually just drop the .jar in my working directory, of course I may not know any better.

    Click add existing Module file in the workspace tree and change look for file type from .tko to .jar and then select your .jar file.
  • If you try to compile the file: Knox_MediaFlex16_Main right after unzipping the module you will get an ERROR: File not found. I guess I have to add the file: KnoxVideoTechnologies_MediaFlex16_Comm_dr1_0_0.jar and then edit the main and replace line 325 with the new name above; otherwise, it will still look for the old file and not compile correctly. Now it compiles. I hope it will work as well. Try compiling without any changes and you will also get the error message.

    Thanks for the help.

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