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KeypadBuilder: Only one list per page?

The only reference in the documentation that I can find about this is a reference in the Dynamic Text entry in the help file. It says you can have "either all or no" dynamic lines, and that the display lines "cannot alternate between menu and dynamic lines."

But it a appears I can only define a single listbox on a page. I can follow directions "Creating a List box Button" in the help file and define a listbox (although I'm still struggling on how to get feedback from it). But if I try to create a 2nd list box on a page, that option is always greyed out.

So is this true - only one list box per page?

If so, it appears that I *could* create one big list box on the page, and change line items individually with dynamic info via the controller to mimic the appearance of multiple list boxes. Has anyone ever tried this? Am I crazy to even think about it?
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