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Why aren't VA touch panel templates available for TPDesign?

gary_cumminsgary_cummins Junior MemberPosts: 52
The title says it all....Why aren't VA touch panel templates available for TPDesign? Anyone know?


  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Old Timer Posts: 4,584
    TPDesign doesn't support templates at all; not even PanelBuilder templates. The best you can do is use VA or PanelBuilder to make a design, then edit it in TPD. In one sense, you can look at that as a type of template support, I suppose.
  • gary_cumminsgary_cummins Junior Member Posts: 52
    Sorry...I was asking the question wrong. The touchpanels designs that are available for download (like Smoke...Digital Dots) from amx.com are available as TP4 designs and through PanelBuilder as templates. I'm just wondering why the nicely designed VA templates aren't available as either.

    I tried building a panel in VA. When I went to save as .tp4....VA bombed....twice.
  • Danny CampbellDanny Campbell Senior Member Posts: 311
    What you can do is open TPDesign and select the Import Template option. Then find the VA template and let it do the import. Then you select Export as G4 Panelbuilder template.

    There will be a bunch of warnings about tags that are not supported. If you let it continue, you will get a template that will work (for the most part) with G4Panelbuilder.
  • gary_cumminsgary_cummins Junior Member Posts: 52
    There is a new link on the Touch Panel Resources Page.

    "VisualArchitect templates can be downloaded here or download through VA's integrated template manager."

    Thank you AMX!
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