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RMS & IP Link Troubles

I am trying to get this working with little to no success. My systems are as follows:

IPL T S4 units with firmware(s) 1.08, 1.09, and 1.10 which have been setup with Global Configurator v2.2

NI-700 running the lastest IPLink software from 11/06 and IP Link license installed.

RMS 3 updated to latest version. RMS is also working just fine with other AMX masters.

First issue, I can not communicate with any IPLink device if it has a password. When the password is removed, the default device name is replaced with the IPLink device name in the Extron list from the NI-700 web page. However, when clicked on the new browser window shows the devices as offline. Also, no information is being sent back to the RMS server.

When purchased we were told others were using this system already so I thought why not post. Thanks in advance for any information regarding this subject.
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