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New DXP-PRO 1.1 Available

A new version of Design XPress Pro has been posted to amx.com under the link "Design XPress - Professional v1.1 Installation". It can be found by following this path: amx.com | Dealers | Tech Center | Application Files| Design XPress - Professional.

This replaces version 1.0.

Release Notes:
Design XPress - Professional (DXP-PRO) is a wizard-based application for the professional A/V Control market, developed to simplify the design, programming, installation and documentation required for commercial applications. DXP-PRO is the professional solution for conference rooms, presentation facilities, meeting rooms, training rooms, classrooms - anywhere you need to control audio, video, display, presentation or conferencing equipment. DXP-PRO requires the installation of TPDesign3, TPDesign4 and NetLinx Studio 2.2

New Features supported in v1.1: MeetingManager 2.0, G4 ComputerControl, TakeNote, i!-Weather, i!-TimeManager, PictureFrame.

New Hardware supported in v1.1: NI-700, NXC-ME260/64 and remote serial control for cameras and video projectors using NXC-COM2 or AXB-232++.

DXP-PRO has been verified to execute on the following Windows versions: Windows 2000 (SP 4) and Windows XP Professional (SP 1). Some international versions of these operating systems do not include Windows MDAC v2.6, required for DXP-PRO execution. If your operating system does not include MDAC, you may download and install it at the link provided on amx.com.

Please note that if you are downloading DXP-PRO for the first time, you will also need to download the graphics file available below DXP-PRO on the Application Files page, titled Design.XPress.Professional.Images.exe.
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