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RMSProjectorMod default thresholds?

By default, the RMSProjectorMod module has a default Lamp Hour threshold set to 1000 hours. How do I increase that to 1700 hours? I'd like to do it programatically when the NetLinx registers with RMS, rather than via the web interface. I'm in the process of adding around 40 projectors (on 25 masters) which need this default threshold changed.

From the RMS web GUI, I'm also having trouble clearing the threshold. I've first increased the threshold to 1700 hours (being wary of the string contatenation bug in the "hours" field). I've tried to reset the parameter via the Reset Parameter option using a value which is less than the threshold value. The new (reset) value does not get applied, and the parameter remains triggered.

As always, any clues are appreciated.

Roger McLean
Swinburne University


  • The default Lamp Hour threshold of 1000 hours can be found in the DEFINE_CONSTANT section of the RMSProjectorMod.axs. The source of all the support modules including the Projector module are part of the RMS-SDK installation.

    There your can find the definition:
    If you change the value to 1700 and compile the module, all following projectors should have the 1700 hours as upper limit. If you use Code Crafter for code generation then it will copy the modified module into your project and the 1700 hours will be the default (for the registration of all new projectors).
    The threshold of existing projectors (meaning already registered on the server) in your project should stay in my opinion because existing or modified threshold values are not overwritten by code. They only take effect on the first registration of a device/parameter.

    Hope this helps.
    Best regards, Harald
  • dunnpdunnp Posts: 12
    It's a 3-step process:
    1 - delete the Lamp Hours parameter for the projector on the RMS console
    2 - modify the threshold as Harald said previously (and compile). Be careful there isn't another (unmodified) copy of the RMSProjectorMod.tko that Studio can pickup during compile - that caught me out a few times.
    3 - compile & download room code.

    Simply changing the threshold on the RMS console won't clear the alert once it's triggered - even though everything looks right. If you change the threshold before it triggers, it seems to work OK. Less than intuitive!

    Another tip - set the threshold slightly under the maunfacturer's lamp threshold. If you set them the same, the RMS maintenance alert & the 'replace lamp' message happen simultaneously. If you set the threshold lower, you get some advance warning in RMS - before the end user complains.

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