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SMS Control

SMS Control
Can any one give me an idea about control NIC via SMS?
Did nay one tried any mobile phone directly to com port and control it via AT commands?. to get and send SMS?s ?.


  • NMarkRobertsNMarkRoberts Posts: 455
    AMX Australia (formerly AV Technology) has a unit called an AVT-SMS-GSM and a module to drive it.
  • I used a Siemens TC35iT GSM modem before:


    I never installed it but just got it to play around with to make sure we could give SMS functionality if someone asked for it. I didnt take it to a stage where i'd be happy to install it in someones house but only because i couldnt invest enough time in it. I just got bare bones functionality going using AT commands.

    If i was doing it now i'd probably get the java powered TC65 Quad Band Terminal from the page above.
  • we use Siemens TC35iT GSM in almost every house we do. it works good, even though it was not so simple to program it in the first place.
  • VladaPUBVladaPUB Posts: 138
    I have used SMS gateway (more than 50 pieces) installed in appartments, connected to NI700 over RS232.

    You have posilibity to send/receive SMS and to pharse received. It have filter inside (programibile) so you can filter incoming sms messages. You just need to put SIM card inside and to plug it to power, it works extra !

    You can use any incoming SMS as event. It also can work with GPRS data transfer, but I did not test it.

    Price is around 210 euros for one device including antena and rs232 cable.

    If you need aditional info send me mail to [email protected]
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