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RMS "Disk Full" error with multiple partitions

I've got RMS (v3.0.26) installed on a Win2003Server system with several partitions. RMS is installed on the C partition, which has several Gb free space. The D partitions has reached is capacity from non-RMS related activity, and is throwing "disk full" messages. RMS seems to be catching this error message and throws the following message in the hotlist:
SMTP Failure
12/07/2007 4:47:06 AM An error occurred while trying to communicate with the SMTP Server<br/>SMTP protocol
error. 452 4.4.5 Insufficient disk space; try again later.
It appears to me that RMS is not looking at the partition that it resides on & uses. I hope that the error message is not blocking further actions that RMS could perform, but I think it might be. (I didn't receive an email from the action that would have caused the error message.) Oh, and the <br/> appears as ASCII readable text too.

Has anyone else noticed this issue? The people responsible for filling up D partition are in the process of cleaning it out, so I can't really do tests on this one to determine the exact cause.

Roger McLean
Swinburne University


  • That's a very odd error. I can't think of any specific reason the RMS server itself would generate such an error. Where is the SMTP server it is trying to send data to? Is it possible the SMTP server's disk is full or the mailbox it is trying to send to is full? The error message is directly from the SMTP email processor. I googled the SMTP error code "452 4.4.5" and all indications point to the mail server being full.

    Thanks, Robert.
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