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A little help with the Polycom VSX8000 Module

Hey all,

I am setting up an NI2100 to talk to a VSX7000e, and I have the serial connection working, but would prefer to use the IP control. There is one line in the module interface spec sheet that says:

"If IP controlled, you must first set the IP address by using the Property-<key>,<val> command and reinitialize."

Admittedly, I am still not Programmer certified, but can anyone explain what this means? I know everything is working via serial, but would prefer IP.


Doug Menke
ACEDesigner, ACE Installer.


  • The best way to see this is to open the workspace that comes with the module.

    In the PolycomVSX8000_Main.AXS lines 19-26 set up the real and virtual devices. Line 51 sets up a device array for the virtual devices, and line 191 has the define module statement for the IP version.

    In the PolycomVSX8000_UI.ASX, line 23 defines a constant with the password, line 44 has the of variables that defines the IP address and lines 196-198 contain the code that you are looking for that sets the properties and reinitializes the module. Then later in lines 215-218 they have a channel event for channel 252 that sends a command to the module asking for the module to return the IP address of what it has stored for the Polycom. This should cause a string to be sent back to the program that contains PROPERTY-IP_Address,xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx where the xxx's contain the ip address that you set in the ONLINE section of the DATA_EVENT so you can compare what was sent with what was stored. The password will contain whatever the admin password is for the Polycom unit. This is the same password you would enter if you entered a telnet session on port 24 of the Polycom.
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