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Master to slave

Hi everyone
I would like to control an Axcent III in slave mode using a NI-700. All of my systems are presently in Master mode. Can someone direct me to where I can obtain info about what mods I need to do to the program to have it work in M+S mode. I suspect this to be pretty simple but I've never had to do one before.


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    Master to Slave


    Setting the device number of the Axcent 3 to anything other than '1' places the device in slave mode and erases the programming in the Axcent 3. At that point, it can be used just as any other Axlink device and its ports are referenced based on the device number you assigned to it. The 'SET BASE DEVICE NUMBER' master command is used to set the device number of the Axcent 3. I have slaved an Axcent to an NI-3000 successfully - should be no problem doing it with a NI-700.

    The Axcent 3 does need to be connected to the Axlink bus of the NI-700 - preferably after it has been slaved. Otherwise, the masters will fight for control of the Axlink bus.

    AMX has a tech note on this - see TN158.

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    Thanks Reese, I'll give it a try tonight.
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    Be aware that the program present in the Axcent 3 will no longer run. Any functionality that was done by the Axcess program must be implemented in the NetLinx program in the NI.
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    Okay, I got the M/S to work without any hitches. I just wanted to say before I had to return the NI-700 that it seems like a very good controller at the right price. They are an excellent solution to upgrade the older Axcent III to network control. Is anyone interested in 22 AXB-NET boxes? They're perfect for skeet shooting, although a little expensive.
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