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Newbie sending to master

Hi All...

First attempt at trying a duet module. Imagine my surprise when I tried to send the compiled code to the master and I got 6 entries in the send box - 4 of which failed to send.

I will assume this is a mapping issue, but if that is the case - where do I map to? All I did was try to send the compiled code, as I usually do.

The problem files were all mapped to 0:1:0
AutoPatch Comm.jar

These went through - but I have no idea where prog.tkn came from. Clubhouse is the name of file.

Suggestions / direction would be great! A map to more documentation on the process would be welcome also!



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    PyroGuyPyroGuy Posts: 121
    Got it - so far so good

    Problem with not doing this daily - you forget the obvious - sorry all.

    Needed to do a firmware update. I will 'assume' the upgrade was required to handle the new java features.

    Module is not working for me - which may lead to another post.

    Sorry for missing the obvious!
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    SensivaSensiva Posts: 211
    There is two types of Firmwares


    There is two types of NI's firmware..... Duet firmware which can run Java modules.

    The non duet firmware.... No java..... and this what was installed in you master before doing the update... :)
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