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Feature Request: Capture Connection Manager info into database

CT-DallasCT-Dallas Junior MemberPosts: 157
I would highly suggest adding the connections manager data to the device database details. It seems that you would have to enter those details every time and on every project. Am I wrong about this? If you can capture the MSRP for a device, you should be able to capture the available inputs and outputs on the device. When you add the device into the system, these connection manager attributes would already be populated for you.

Once place to enter this could be the IR Capture Manager and the Control Strings Definition Manager. Throw the MSRP field here too - it makes sense for capturing all of the pertinant details on the device.

Once a firm has entered their product lines into the system (amx could help here -- there are surveys out there on the most popular product lines in our industry), this could become a very valuable tool for proposal creation because of the ability to print a bill of materials.
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