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TPDesign 4 (2.3.1 Build 353) External Button Bug


I did a copy and paste of a page with the latest version of TPDesign 4 (2.3.1 Build 353) and after I saved the file and downloaded it to an MVP-8400 the external buttons generated the incorrect channel codes on both the original page and the copied page.

The original page had the external buttons set to ?Override Global Settings? to ?Yes? and I assigned unique channel codes to each button. I did a copy of the original page and after I pasted it as a new page, I assigned unique channel codes to each of the external buttons on the copied page. Everything appeared to be fine until the file was loaded into the MVP.

When the external buttons were pressed on the original page they generated the external channel codes that I assigned to the copied page. When the external buttons were pressed on the copied page they generated the global external codes. I was confused because the channel codes were displayed correctly in TPD4 and when I generated the Programmer?s Report the channel codes were described as I expected them.

I couldn?t find any reference to an external button bug in Tech Notes but I was told by a colleague that this was a problem in earlier versions and that it was supposed to be fixed now and he also gave me the workaround for it.

I can?t attest to what version of TPD4 that the pages were originally created in as I received the pages as a template to create the job I was working on. I do seem to remember that when I opened the panel for the first time it went through a conversion process but I?m not 100% sure. However, I can confirm that I used the latest version of TPD4 when I modified the pages and did the copy and paste and then experienced the external button issue.

Is this external button problem only fixed if panels are originally created with TPDesign 4 - 2.3.1 Build 353? Is it possible to fix this so that any panels that are opened and upgraded to the latest version TPD4 will eradicate the external button bug?

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