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NXI - 'GET' Send Commands

I'm seeing some problems getting string responses from NXI ports in Duet.

If I define "dummy" event handlers in NetLinx, the Duet code will receive string events from NXI ports. I am aware that once Duet claims a NetLinx device, the NetLinx code no longer has affect.

If I don't define "dummy" event handlers in NetLinx, the Duet code will never receive a string event from NXI port.

Send Commands that return a string with an Axlink touch panel work fine. No "dummy" event handler required in NetLinx.
	private NetLinxDevice dvIR = null;

        // bundle constructor
	dvIR = new NetLinxDevice(new DPS("5001:8:0"),false);   // not a virtual port...

        protected void doAddNetLinxDeviceListeners() {

                if(dvIR != null) {
 		        dvIR.addDataListener(new DataHandler());

        // else where in code send command is called
	dvIR.sendCommand("GET MODE");

	public class DataHandler implements IDataListener {

		public void handleDataEvent(Event evt) {

			switch(evt.type) {

			case Event.E_STRING: {
				String msg = new String((byte[]) evt.dataValue);
				System.out.println("E_STRING [" + msg + "]");

How can I make this work without the dummy NetLinx events?


  • joelwjoelw Posts: 175
    I forgot to mention my software versions.

    NetLinx Studio v2.5 Build

    Cafe Version 1.8.85 Build Number: 85
    Platform Version 1.9.194 Build Number: 194
    Runtime Version 1.9.194 Build Number: 194

    NXI v1.00.22
    NXC-ME260/64 v3.21.354
  • joelwjoelw Posts: 175
    My exchange with engineering didn't resolve this. I'm sending a test case to reproduce this. Perhaps they will find an error in my code.
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