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Source to Master....

Something I've noticed. Not sure if it has been addressed yet but keep an eye out for it.

In the days before the Java Implementation (from here on out referred to as Pre-Java or PJ), even if I compiled a program with Source, I had the option NOT to send that Source file to the master when I was transferring files. Unfortunately this is no longer the case when using Duet (this time is now referred to as During Duet or DD). When using the Duet Modules, during file transfer, even if I uncheck the source checkbox, it will send the source.

Not a big deal. I'll simply no longer compile my Duet code with source or remove the created .src file from the system folder. But why have that checkbox available? ( I usually compile with source to then later have the option to store the Source on the master if I wish in Transfer) Any chance that this will be looked at in the future?

Anyone else notice this?
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