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Annoying repeat issue in new TPD4

This is a small thing, but it drives me crazy; they did it the last time there was an update in TPD4, and fixed it with the next minor patch, but it's back again. No one makes notes over there?

The File Open dialog is not resizable. I have huge projects with multiple versions of panel designs in the folder, and I really want to be able to size my Open dialog so I can see the whole folder at once. Not an option. I am not happy ... like I said, I realize it's a relatively small issue, but it happened before, complaints were made, and it was fixed. Why the heck did it creep back in? It's just a flag on the dialog call ... who in development thinks it's a good idea for the end user not to be able to resize it??


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    jjamesjjames Posts: 2,908

    I think I've said all I can / want to say about the issues down over there. I think I'm going to bust out my voodoo dolls and doing a variation on a rain dance to see if that helps.
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    mpullinmpullin Posts: 949
    Maybe the person who released the version with that fix in it forgot to commit the change to AMX's SVN repository... sounds like a crazy explanation, but I don't think anyone would consciously go and make the file window non-resizable, do you?
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    I'd imagine it's pretty difficult to come up with a good excuse in a forum of programmers.... Suddenly their silence makes sense. ;)
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    Thanks for the heads up.

    I got this reported yesterday.

    Please keep your questions and concerns coming.
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    This was inadvertant, and apparently has to do with updating to a newer version of the compiler. There were no modifications made to this area.

    I'll have to investigate this further.
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    a_riot42a_riot42 Posts: 1,624
    I can't recall where I found it, but I found a free program that changes it so that all XP dialogs are resizable. Do a search and you will likely find it and not have to wait for AMX to (re) do it.
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