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DO NOT have to restart Windows after TP4 2.7 Crashes!!

jjames wrote:
Well, it seems they've amplified the problem 10-fold with the latest. If I lose connection to the master and don't quickly hit "OK", TPD4 will crash and I cannot reopen the file I had open. I ultimately must log off Windows (either by rebooting or just logging off) and then refire TPD4. Talk about EXTREMELY aggravating. If someone could test this out and make sure I'm not the only one with this problem, that would be great. Essentially, connect to a master - lose the connection, then wait a minute then hit "OK" in TPD4. Try it a few times if it doesn't crash the first time. Thanks!

OK, there's talk that the latest release of TP4 (2.8) Fixes this as well as other problems. BUT!!! On the off chance that it doesn't, I've found success with this solution for the "TP4 knocked offline by NS or Master Reboot":

It seems that TP4 goes through it's shut down and then asks to send a report to MS (and on my machine it, screws with the ARCHAIC "DR WATSON" as well!!). TP4 is NOT actually shut down, but is STILL running in the background!! If you cannot open TP4 after this "crash", open up the task manager, click on the Processes tab, and look for "TPDesign4.exe". If it is there then you have the same problem that I have (if not then here's where we part ways friend), then simply "right click" on TPDesign4.exe and click on "end process tree".

This will give you some more errors, BUT it will shutdown TP4, and you'll be able to reopen the program again WITHOUT restarting Windows .

I hope this helps.

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  • jjamesjjames Posts: 2,908
    Thanks bud! I seem to remember not even seeing TPD4.exe in the task manager before under preferences, but I very well could be wrong. Regardless, the bug seems to be fixed. (Yay AMX.)
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