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multi web-panels

Hi Everyone:
Has anyone used multi web-panels before? I am trying to finish a project that someone else started 3 years ago. The first programmer had 2 TP's ,1 for the client accessable pages and the second for the technical department. When I convert the TP pages to HTML and download them they overwrite each other. The base address is 226 and 227. Now both of these files have the same name and pages downloaded but depending on your access level it depends on what pages you should see. What I'm trying to find out is why or what I'm doing wrong to have the 2 TP files listed in the web-control.


  • alexanboalexanbo Junior Member Posts: 282
    You might need to create two separate directories and then download the client TP into one and the installer panel into the other. Of course then both would show up as options in web control so you'd have to have some way in the program to verify which panel you were allowed to use.
  • Dries KaspersDries Kaspers Junior Member Posts: 142
    You can create directory associations for each user (http security enabled) to allow/deny access of multiple web panels

    for example, create web panels called "user" and "admin", save as html into directories with the same names and grant access accordingly.
  • Thomas HayesThomas Hayes Junior Member Posts: 1,164
    Thanks Guys, I will give that a try later today.
  • veraviewveraview Junior Member Posts: 44
    Two directories should do it. If you're converting a TPD 3 file for html remember that the base address is a starting address and that many panels eat up 4 addresses. Make sure you set up 226 and 230 instead of 226 and 227 or else you will have a device conflict.
  • ipssheldonipssheldon Registered User Posts: 106
    If you want the users to access one web page and then show links to either panel, you will need to create a custom INDEX.HTM file that is the first page loaded. Then from this page, you can link to either of the TPD3 created sets of pages, each in their own folder. The initial INDEX.HTM can be anything other than an actual TPD file. So you could even create a page that looks like the actual TPD intro page with two buttons to go to either the user or admin side, with appropriate password protection as necessary. The password protection can either be embedded in the TP design or in the Netlinx Security protection.

    Hope this helps.

    Sheldon Samuels
    IPS Resources
  • What is a base address?
    Does anyone can help me?

  • ipssheldonipssheldon Registered User Posts: 106
    The base address that he was referring to is the AMX ID of the touch panel. A web panel has an AMX ID just like a real panel. The only difference is that a web panel will always at least 4 ID's (such as 1001, 1002, 1003, and 1004). You define this when you do the SAVE AS WEB PAGE in TPDesign 3. IF you want two users to access the web panel at the same time, you will need to edit this list of addresses in the HTML file by extending the automatically created range of 4 to 8 or 12 or 16 or however many simultaneous users you want to access the same web panel. Of course your program will have to account for this simultaneous use as well.

    Sheldon Samuels
    IPS Resources LLC
    www. ipsresources.com
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