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G4 Setup Port Variables

Hello All,

Can anyone point me to documentation on the various items accessible through Port 0 - Setup Port? I've searched and searched to no avail. Need to know ranges, values, read/write capability, etc. Specifically trying to setup a bargraph and percent indicator of battery strength and wireless connection quality. I've tried several of the options with no luck.



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    Joe HebertJoe Hebert Posts: 2,159
    Re: G4 Setup Port Variables

    Hi sonny,

    Goto File-->Open System Page Template

    From there you will see all the TP setup pages and you can then cut and paste what you need.

    Hope this helps.

    Originally posted by sonny
    Specifically trying to setup a bargraph and percent indicator of battery strength and wireless connection quality. I've tried several of the options with no luck.
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    There are actually more codes available then just what is included in the setup pages. For example there are levels available for the current hour, minute, month, day of month, day of week etc. These could be used to customize the look of the panel based on time, or create a custom clock. If you open the setupCodes.xls file found in "c:/program files/common files/amxShare/G4SupportFiles/PPFs" it lists every code and it is color coded for each panelClass. It sounds like you will also want to use one of the bargraph text replacement codes (this will automatically give you the percent for a level).

    *****From Help File******
    Formatting codes can be used in the state text for bargraph and multi-bargraph buttons. The following formatting codes will be replaced with the identified values:

    $P - level percentage
    $V - raw level value
    $L - range low
    $H - range high
    $A - adjusted level value (raw level value ? range low)
    $R - range (range high ? range low)
    $$ - $ character


    What this means is within a bargraph (any time of bargraph) if you put $P it will get replaced with the current values percentage of the range of the bargraph. The cool thing is you can put additional text in the bargraph, For example if you put the following text on a bargraph:

    The current Percentage is $P%

    once loaded in the panel you will get:

    The current Percentage is 0%

    and the 0 will get replaced on the fly as the level changes.

    With the additional codes you can much more complex strings like:

    Currently displaying Item $V out of $L-$H

    Which would result in:

    Currently displaying Item 32 out of 1-55

    I hope this helps
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    Joe HebertJoe Hebert Posts: 2,159
    Hi joeyjoejo1200,

    Thanks for the great insight! I?ve always calculated the percent level and used SEND_COMMAND to the TP to write the text in the bargraph on every level change. Now I can dump that and just use $P% once at design time and be done with it. Very cool.

    I also didn?t realize that the SetupCodes.xls even existed. There?s some great info in there.

    I better end this post now as my ignorance is showing. :)

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    Yea there are quite a few little features that are in the help file, but really unless you know about them you probably wouldn't run across them. On that same note there are similar codes available for dynamic images, so you can append them to the URL of the dynamic image and on ther server side make determinations on them. I wouldn't say you showed any ignorance , I think most people don't even know about those features/items. You did the right thing by posting it here ;)
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