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Different Issue, Account Permissions

I have RMS 3.1.37 and tried to set up "Roles" for our Technology Directors of the various schools so that they only see their rooms. However, I set up a "Business School" role and left "Manage Users, Manage Systems, and Configuration Settings unchecked in the Global system permissions. In the Room Level permissions, I have "Logging and Reporting, Manage Rooms,and Manage Control Functions" checked. Lastly, I selected only the Business School group of rooms.

It is my understanding that setting the "Role" for a user should limit them to seeing just the selected rooms and provide them reasonable access ,as defined in the role, to control functions. However, when I log in as the other user, they seem to be able to see and view every room in the system. Am I missing something here?

Dennis Campbell
Baylor University


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    We have tested and can't reproduce this issue. Just in case there is any user error, here the sample steps to create room permissions for certain user groups per this user's requirement:

    1) Login as "Admin"
    2) Create a user called "User1" under Administration/Management/Users
    3) Create a room group called "BusinessRoomGroups" under Administration/Management/Groups
    4) Add rooms to "BusinessRoomGroups" under Administration/Management/Rooms
    5) Create a new role called "BusinessRole" under administration/Management/Permissions.
    a. Move "User1" from "Available Users" listbox to "Selected Users" listbox
    b. Uncheck "Manage Users", "Configuration Settings", "Manage System" in Global System Permissions
    c. Check "Logging & Reporting", "Manage Control Functions", "Manage Rooms" in Room Level Permission, leave the rest two items "Access Other Users Appointments", "Scheduling" unchecked
    d. Select Radio Button "Apply Permission to Selected Rooms"
    f. Check the tree item room group "BusinessRoomGroups"
    e. Save the role
    6) Sign out as admin
    7) Sign in as the newly created user "User1", you will see in Management/Rooms page, Only rooms in "BusinessRoomGroups" is displayed, same thing for reporting and control function pages.

    If you are unable to create user permissions as specified, please contact AMX Technical Support for assistance at 800-222-0193.
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