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G4 Web Control over WAN

SensivaSensiva Junior MemberPosts: 211

Something I have experienced, and I wanna share it with you...

If the G4 touch panels in your system doesn't have a real IP address, you won't be able to access it from the web control, because in Web control the browser launches the VNC viewer to the panel private IP.

I though the VNC works through the master, So if you want to control your panel remotely , you have to ways:
1st: Give the panel a real IP that can be accessed over WAN, now you can use G4 web control.
2nd: If the real IPs not available, do a port forward for its private IP to VNC port which is in the setup (default : 5900). Now you can view the panel using VNC Viewer(free)

Additions to this thread are appreciated hexus.gif


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