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AXLink Protocol

Does any one know where could I get more information of the AXLink protocol ???
I found this technote with a few protocol specifications: http://www.amx.com/techsupport/PDNTechNote.asp?id=29

I am graduating in the Control and Automation Engineering course and I need to talk a little bit about the AXLink protocol in the report of my Final Project of the Course.

In advance, thank you very much.

Andr? Gabriel.


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    AXLINK Protocol


    Check out the following Technical Document from the AMX web site:


    This is about as comprehensive a discussion of Axlink specifics you will find. AMX does not really disclose a great deal of information about the specifics of their control protocols for obvious reasons. The document contains wiring information, electrical characteristics, and other information that might be useful to you in your presentation.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thank you very much!

    It will be very helpful!

    Andr? Gabriel!
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