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    coolest stuff in cedia

    no questions ask ... got to be 5200i, u just know it is going to sell the moment u touch it, they seriously put some works together with this one, the door thing is cool too with combine with SIP gateway, let u to answer ur door with cell-phones.. just can't wait its coming....
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    viningvining Posts: 4,368
    GSLogic wrote:
    I can't sell a Thermostat that will stop getting feedback in 3 years unless my customer pays a monthly fee.
    That's true, unless they allow you to send feed back to the stats directly from code not their just iWeather module or new version of it.

    My biggest problem w/ the T-Stats is the concept of going back to having T-stats on the wall in plain view when over the past ten years we've been talking customers out of local room stats in lieu of consolidating everything into one neat touch panel. I think we're regressing.

    Now if the t-stats could function as a touch screen and an IP intercom we'd be back in forward motion or maybe just back where we were with a touch panel. They don't show a price on the web site but I can't imagine it being much cheaper than a 5" TP so where's the benefit or purpose.

    Let the t-stat sensors be dumb but reliable and the TPs do what they are supposed to, display & set temp and weather info.
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    You can have remote sensors for the Viewstats and the list price is $600.

    I was kind of wondering how they update the graphics on them though if the only connection is Axlink.
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    glr-ftiglr-fti Posts: 286
    While I like the concept I have also been moving toward no thermostats only sensors and all control thru the touch panel. Designers and homeowners love it because you have once again eliminated wall clutter and improved aethetics. Just work with the HVAC contractor and let him do his thing with senosrs and run a cat5 to his control panel. Make your panel have all of the function of the new therm with or without iWeather.
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