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I know that one day my computer is going to die and I will have to get a new one and that means that I'll probably have to upgrade to Vista. Is there a list anywhere of known issues with AMX software running on Vista that I should be aware of? I hate to do this, but when I upgrade I might have to run concurrently for a while until I'm sure that all of the applications will work properly. Knowing if there are any application issues will help direct me into deciding when I upgrade.


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    I understand exactly what you are going through. Having just been through it myself. I know for sure iredit has to work in xp compatibility. I had to reformat twice before i got everything up and working. The best thing is to load all your AMX stuff first so that you can do system restores.There are tons of security settings that can be a royal pain. Its best to switch them off.
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    ColinColin Posts: 51
    Vista Problems

    Would I go to Vista willingly, no, but it is not going away so I might as well break it sooner than later, I believe that the cheaper versions are not as versatile as the Business or Ultimate version. There is a degree of getting used to the networking side and there is no Hyperterminal or Telnet so you will have to install Telnet from Control Panel\Programs and Features. I have used Advanced Serial Port Terminal to replace Hyperterminal.

    I am aware that IE7 has a compatibility issue with G4 Web control and I have not had success in rolling back to IE6. I've been told that there is a Firmware Fix for this appearing soon, but not yet. VPN got broken the other week but I put this down to Bill's isidious "automatic downloads - security patches" so have resorted to using Cisco VPN Client.

    Apart from all that, it has been business as usual so far but I do carry the XP Laptop around as a back up.
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    You might try running Vista in a 'sandbox' which is what I did before doing the full switchover to Vista. You can actually download a virtual hard drive from Microsoft.Com for free, complete with a demo vista installation, and run it under XP.

    You can then install your AMX apps on this virtual machine and run them, do testing, etc. It made me feel much more secure knowing what I was getting into before I actually did it.

    Like others, I have found problems with some of the apps running in Vista, but there are workarounds for most issues (search the forums) and all in all I have been ok with running my AMX apps under Vista. In fact, TP4 actually crashes much less often than it did under XP.

    Of course my computer takes twice as long to boot, shutdown, hibernate, etc... as it did with XP, but that's another issue entirely. :P
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    G4 computer control works fine on Vista business and Vista Ultimate. It did take some work I remember which is why its best to work with that FIRST before installing any other apps.
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