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RMS Custom Control Functions

Can someone point me in the right direction in order to create custom control functions for RMS Home Manger?

Haven't been able to find any info on it.



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    The RMS NetLinx Programmer's Guide has all of that information. References are for the 3.1 PDF. Creating a new custom action is on Page 100, use the 'ADD ACTION' command. It is best to use IDs that are not already assigned as a Standard CL action. I just used 1,2,3,etc. The command goes next to all of the 'ADD STD' commands that are put into your Main AXI by code crafter or in the template.

    You also need to add the number and the button press to the arrays of channels near the top of the AXI.

    When adding a custom function you can either add is as a source selection by using the word 'select' as the first word of the name or you need to add it to a folder. All of the instructions are in the NetLinx Programmer's Guide.

    A quick tip for anyone using Code Crafter: Instead of making manual changes to the Main AXI that it generates you can make another custom include file to house extra features you want RMS to have and #include it in your main source file. This way if you need to change something in Code Crafter it doesn't overwrite your additions.
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    thanks i will give that a try
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