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A Few Novel Ideas

Just a couple thoughts:

1. It'd be pretty cool if directories could be created within TPD4 for the organization of files. Especially when viewing files as thumbnails, it can be a bit annoying to wait for a thumbnail to load at the bottom of a few hundred file list. Not necessary, but darn that'd be nice.

A juxtaposing question to this is: does anyone else notice that when TPD4 first opens, the thumbnails load almost instantly, but when the programs been running for awhile, it can take far longer to load them all? This seems rather counterintuitive - shouldn't the thumbnails be in the memory already and therefore take less or no time? Eh.

2. Another splendid idea would be the presence and possibility of layers in TPD4! Woo! It doesn't need to be complicated, and it doesn't even need to affect the touch panel's firmware at all, as the layers can be flattened pre-download. In a sense, things are already layered, which is great, but if it was expounded upon and more controllable, it'd be even better! :D

For example, I have one page with probably close to a hundred buttons on it, not random buttons mind you; there is a method, as many of the graphics are multiple layers of buttons for graphical and programming purposes. As it is, if I need to reload or add a graphic, I have to drop the button to the bottom layer and click the "Shift Up" button for a very long time until I notice it achieve the correct layer (and this can be very difficult to determine at times, with multi-layer graphics.)

If layers could be dealt with somewhat (or entirely! :)) similar to Photoshop's method for it - with layers and layer sets, where layers are selectable and draggable within a Layers window - I dare say, that would make me happy enough to get delivery for lunch.

Like I said, just a couple of thoughts to be toyed around with. And should the idea sound appealing, feel free to drop a hint while on the phone with Tech Support; or heck, since there's simply no reason to ever call tech support for TPD4, just give them a call, ask how their kid is doing and present a suggestion. :)

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