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Popup Restrictions - Question

Is it possible to have buttons on a page remain usable while a popup is over them? I'll be more specific: I have a large popup which covers a good portion of a page, but much of the popup is transparent and unused; I'd like the buttons beneath it to still be able to be pressed. Here's the trick though, I don't want to use the property that places the buttons above all popups, as there is another popup which also activates, and I don't want the buttons above this one.

I was sort of hoping that the dynamic imaging still applied with popups; in much the same way you can have an enormous button, it doesn't matter as the only click-able area is where the graphic actually displays - yet in spite of this other surrounding buttons are not restricted by the parameters of other buttons. That's a bad description, but y'all know what I'm talking about.



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    You could duplicate the buttons on the top popup so that they look like they're on the lower one. Or dup them but transparently so you see the bottom one but press the top one. That might not work so well with the dynamic wossname.
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    alexanboalexanbo Posts: 282
    If you select a button and go to the general tab there's a section that says Above Popups. If you set this to yes the buttons will work.
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