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Compool 3830?

I've inherited a job where they have a Compool 3830 unit installed. The first company essentially gave up trying to make the compool do much (and what little control they had failed a lot).

I've heard the horror stories about compool units, but the customer is not inclined on replacing anything at this point. As far as they are concerned, they paid a lot for a bunch of stuff that doesn't work anyway.

I haven't dived into it yet, but the module AMX has says it should be mostly compatible with all models BUT the 3830. So...

1) Any one know what makes the 3830 special compared to the other 3800 series?

2) Any one happen to have a modified amx module that works with a 3830?

3) Worst case, any company out there have a commercial module we could purchase?

The customer has a bi-week coming up soon and we would like to have most of the system correct by the time they come home.

Any help or pointers is appreciated.

Kevin D.
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