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MVP-7500 Palette

Any ideas what the 12-bit palette for the 7500 looks like? I have tried some basic 8-bit palettes for building some backgrounds but so far haven't hit a combo that will display correctly. Put a photo on it and it looked like a hologram as the viewing angle only slightly increased.

I downloaded one of the standard PanelBuilder templates and it wouldn't display correctly and locked the panel up.


PS...First and last project with the 7500 unless something is done about the display.


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    bogdanbogdan Posts: 42
    Read "About MVP-7500"
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    Where is this link located? We are looking to upgrade our panels to this model and I am interested if I should spend the money on the 8500's.
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    I would recommend that you stay away from the 7500 and make the move to either a NXT-CV7 (wired) or MVP-8500 (wireless).

    I did a job with the MVP-7500 and was EXTREMELY disappointed in this AMX product. There was a thread about the MVP-7500 about a month ago in the AMX forums that you may want to review as it included opinions from numerous people.
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    bogdanbogdan Posts: 42
    The threat is under AMX Forums > Technical Forum > AMX User Interfaces > About MVP-7500
    About 9 steps down

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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    In a nutshell, the 7500 display is of far inferior quality to the 8400. The biggest issue is that is is nearly impossible to eliminate ghosting and shadowing of your buttons - every button will have verticle and horizontal lines extending from each corner all the way to the edge of the screen. There is simply no way to 100% adjust it out. The best you can do is use the least contrast in button colors you can get away with and explain to the customer that the "cost" of the $ savings on these panels. They just don't look very nice.
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