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RMS 3.1.37 issue

For some reason my RMS server keeps forgeting its serial number. Two times now the system has slowly taken all the rooms to offline. I go to the server and find out that the software is unregistered. I put the serial number back in and everything is fine again. Anyone else seeing this problem. (Server VMWare Virtual server running 2003 R2)


  • Did this occur after a "Windows Update" or can you reproduce this on a regular basis?

    Thanks, Robert
  • It hasn't happened again. I'm thinking it might have been communication problems between the web server and the SQL server. Does the licence data live on the RMS computer or is it in the database? Would rebooting the SQL server distrupt things enough to cause errors on the RMS server?
  • Licensing data is stored both on the server and in the database. If the database connection was lost, then the running instance of RMS could have "lost" the serial number. Restarted the RMS services should correct it.

    FYI... the next maintenance release of RMS 3.1 should handle database interruptions/outages a little more gracefully.

    Thanks, Robert
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