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Anyone had luck with Yamaha RXV2700 Module?

I've been trying to use the Duet module from AMX on the Yamaha RXV2700 receiver. To this point, all I'm experiencing is mostly intermittent functioning. It works great for a few minutes and then won't respond at all. Any experiences or suggestions from anyone? I've rechecked the pinouts several times and they are according to the included module doc.



  • flcusatflcusat Posts: 309
    I had a similar issue with a 2500 unit a couple of months ago. If my memory servers properly you need to short pins 7&8 and 4&6 at the receiver end of the cable. I'll try to look through my notes to confirm this.
  • Thanks. That would be a big help.
  • Joe HebertJoe Hebert Posts: 2,159
    kmenshouse wrote:
    I've been trying to use the Duet module from AMX on the Yamaha RXV2700 receiver. To this point, all I'm experiencing is mostly intermittent functioning. It works great for a few minutes and then won't respond at all.
    Same issue here with a system that has 4 of them connected to an NI-3100 with the latest and greatest firmware. I think there is a serious problem with the DUET module (or something related to it) that eventually hangs the Netlinx program.

    I tried increasing the DUET memory from 8M to 12M and that did nothing. I then added the new Queue_and_Threshold_Sizes.axi. Before the queue axi file was implemented the control of the Yamaha was sluggish. After the Queue_and_Threshold_Sizes.axi did its magic the Yamaha response increased dramatically ? for a few minutes ? until the program hung itself. I also tried 16M for the DUET memory size.

    Below are the Java errors I captured in Diagnostics. After the Java exceptions, it looks like the programmed leaked memory for a while, then the other master in the system dropped offline, then the 4 touch panels in the system went offline, and finally I got booted from my connection with Netlinx Studio.

    Some other oddities I noticed before Netlinx when boom:

    1) When I tried to do a ?Verify TKN on Netlinx Master? the connection the master was established but the verify never responded. The option to verify remained grayed out.

    2) I had all notifications turned on and saw normal system traffic until the Java errors at which point all traffic stopped completely with one exception. If the Yamaha receiver was operated from the front panel then the incoming strings that the Yamaha itself generated were logged in diagnostics.

    3) The DUET virtual devices reported going Offline. I didn?t think a virtual device could go offline; maybe it?s different with DUET.

    4) The Netlinx master web interface was super super slooooow, completely unusable.

    5) When I do a show max buffers via telnet the Interpreter reports back with 2000 which I?m guessing is way to high. (This reported back this way before the queue axi file was added and also afterwards)

    It?s after hours so I can?t contact AMX until the morning. Anyone got any ideas?

    Line    646 :: EventRouter: user exception in handleDataEvent: java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -1 - 16:57:02
    Line    647 :: java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -1 - 16:57:02
    Line    648 :: $09at java.lang.StringBuffer.substring(Unknown Source) - 16:57:02
    Line    649 :: $09at com.amx.duet.impl.yamaha.rxv2700.dr1_0_0.YamahaRxv2700.parseResponse(YamahaRxv2700.java:2013) - 16:57:02
    Line    650 :: $09at com.amx.duet.impl.yamaha.rxv2700.dr1_0_0.YamahaRxv2700.handleDataEvent(YamahaRxv2700.java:1947) - 16:57:02
    Line    651 :: $09at com.amx.duet.core.master.IcspNetLinxDevice.handleDataEvent(Unknown Source) - 16:57:02
    Line    652 :: $09at com.amx.duet.core.master.EventRouter.processEvent(Unknown Source) - 16:57:02
    Line    653 :: $09at com.amx.duet.core.master.EventRouter.run(Unknown Source) - 16:57:02
    Line    654 :: $09at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) - 16:57:02
    Line    655 :: $09at java.lang.Thread.startup(Unknown Source) - 16:57:02
    Line    656 :: Memory Available = 21814232 <10240> - 16:57:56
    Line    657 :: Memory Available = 21804152 <10080> - 16:58:30
    Line    658 :: Memory Available = 21793992 <10160> - 16:59:00
    Line    659 :: Memory Available = 21783832 <10160> - 16:59:23
    Line    660 :: Memory Available = 21773752 <10080> - 16:59:45
    Line    661 :: Memory Available = 21763656 <10096> - 17:00:07
    Line    662 :: Memory Available = 21753336 <10320> - 17:00:29
    Line    663 :: Memory Available = 21743176 <10160> - 17:00:42
    Line    664 :: Memory Available = 21733096 <10080> - 17:01:01
    Line    665 :: Memory Available = 21722936 <10160> - 17:01:25
    Line    666 :: Memory Available = 21712616 <10320> - 17:01:46
    Line    667 :: Memory Available = 21702456 <10160> - 17:01:59
    Line    668 :: Memory Available = 21692376 <10080> - 17:02:19
    Line    669 :: Memory Available = 21682216 <10160> - 17:02:34
    Line    670 :: Memory Available = 21672136 <10080> - 17:02:47
    Line    671 :: Memory Available = 21661896 <10240> - 17:03:10
    Line    672 :: Memory Available = 21651816 <10080> - 17:03:31
    Line    673 :: Memory Available = 21641736 <10080> - 17:03:55
    Line    674 :: Memory Available = 21631416 <10320> - 17:04:16
    Line    675 :: Memory Available = 21621256 <10160> - 17:04:40
    Line    676 :: Memory Available = 21610936 <10320> - 17:05:01
    Line    677 :: Memory Available = 21600856 <10080> - 17:05:25
    Line    678 :: Memory Available = 21590536 <10320> - 17:05:46
    Line    679 :: Memory Available = 21580376 <10160> - 17:06:10
    Line    680 :: Memory Available = 21570136 <10240> - 17:06:31
    Line    681 :: Memory Available = 21560056 <10080> - 17:06:55
    Line    682 :: Memory Available = 21549976 <10080> - 17:07:17
    Line    683 :: Memory Available = 21539896 <10080> - 17:07:40
    Line    684 :: Memory Available = 21529736 <10160> - 17:08:02
    Line    685 :: Memory Available = 21519656 <10080> - 17:08:25
    Line    686 :: Memory Available = 21509176 <10480> - 17:08:47
    Line    687 :: Memory Available = 21499016 <10160> - 17:09:10
    Line    688 :: Memory Available = 21488936 <10080> - 17:09:32
    Line    689 :: Memory Available = 21478856 <10080> - 17:09:55
    Line    690 :: Memory Available = 21468536 <10320> - 17:10:17
    Line    691 :: Memory Available = 21458056 <10480> - 17:10:41
    Line    692 :: No Ping Response (s=2 d=0) wait time=30000 mS - 17:10:54
    Line    693 :: Remote System 2 Offline - 17:10:54
    Line    694 :: Memory Available = 21445976 <12080> - 17:10:54
    Line    695 :: No Ping Response (s=1 d=10003) wait time=30000 mS - 17:10:55
    Line    696 :: No Ping Response (s=1 d=10001) wait time=30000 mS - 17:10:56
    Line    697 :: No Ping Response (s=1 d=10002) wait time=30000 mS - 17:10:56
    Line    698 :: No Ping Response (s=1 d=10004) wait time=30000 mS - 17:10:56
  • truetrue Posts: 307
    I am currently involved with 30+ projects that are using this receiver and use AMX for control. Deadline for the first one was over a week ago. I've been to the customer's location to reset the NI because of lockups due to this module a number of times already.

    The module is very buggy - I've reported in detail a touchpanel bug I discovered as well as reporting lockups to AMX. I've already chewed out enough people at AMX, and supposedly they're working on the issue now. When it'll get fixed, who knows. They were totally unaware of any problems - and this was as the 25th, four days ago.

    My solution? I wrote my own module.
  • Joe HebertJoe Hebert Posts: 2,159
    I was on the phone with AMX Tech Support (second to none in my opinion) last Friday and they confirmed the problem with the comm module. It's been passed up the chain and I'm confident now that they've been able to duplicate the lockups it will get fixed in short order.
  • For basic control we've actually been having pretty good success with the Module RXV-2700 v1.0.0. We had a problem caused by the rs232 cable which resulted in intermittent control of the device. We would have to shoot several commands to get one or two commands to work and they worked inconsistently. I think we ended up using pins 2,3,5,7,8 with pins 2,3 crossed over and pins 7,8 crossed over. Of course no extra pins should be connected. I'll verify the cable pinout that we used later this morning. It may get you going while you're waiting for a new module. I've not noticed any problems with control since we started using the new cable. We haven't experienced the issues that Joe reported, but now I'm aware of them and I'll be watching for them too.

  • John, thanks for the input and please do check the pinouts if you can. The module doc says exactly that - 2&3 and 7&8 crossed and 5 as ground. That's what I've been trying and getting the intermittent problem. Pedro mentioned in an earlier post that he thought he had shorted some pins at the receiver but he hasn't posted back.
  • AM93AM93 Posts: 10
    Turn off hardware handshaking on the controller and jumper pins 7 and 8 on the Yamaha side.

    You should only have 2-3-5 connected between the controller and the Yamaha.

    The module will probably turn the handshake back on so you need to put in a delay in startup or something to turn it back off..

    I had the same problem on a 3100, Amx says there isn't a problem yet I put the same code on an NXI and it works fine..I think they have a problem..
  • There is joy in Mudville!

    Wow! That did the trick. I'm sure that I had jumpered 7&8 because of some previous posts but nobody mentioned turning the handshake off. I delayed it 30 seconds and as of right now everything is working perfectly. I'm going to leave it on for several hours to see if anything pops up intermittently but so far, so good. I've worked weeks on this thing! Thanks!!
  • OK, lots of happiness in Mudville?

    I'm now only expriencing one problem - after leaving the system idle for some time, the Yamaha won't turn back on. If I restart the NI, everything responds great. I'm wondering if all the other controls will quit responding now after an extended idle time. I'll reboot it and leave it on today and report back.

  • Unit stayed on for several hours and shut off just fine. Waited about 20 minutes and it would not porrow up. I have to reboot the contoller to get any response. It then seems like it working great until i turn the unit off . I have appricated the posts - they have been very helpful.. Any other thoughts would be really appricieated

  • The only problem I'm having with the module now is turning the unit back on. All the features resond quickly but if I power off and wait over a couple of minutes, the unit will not turn back on. I know that some of you have posted that AMX is working on the comm module but if there are any other solutions or commands that need to be included, I would appreciate your suggestions. The handshake off command really solved several problems. Would the comm module issue the handshake on command again when the unit is turned off? I'm fairly new at all this, so sorry to ask so many questions.

  • Known Duet Approach.

    It has been my experience that when duet modules are created, if at anytime the module has a problem it will kill the device in the system and recreate the setup parameters.
    IE Create and offline event then a new online event resetting all parameters. Not every one does this but I have found several that have.

    Last year I had an issue with a pool controller that would degrade the communication until lock up.

    In the end I wrote my own non duet module to control the device.

    Statistically, I have had a very few of the AMX factory produced duet modules work flawlessly, right out the gates, when I do find one I count my luck stars.

    The protocol for the Yamaha is not as scary as the horribly written pdfs make it out to be.
    What functions are you trying to use?

    I can give some help if you would like to create your own code.

  • Joe HebertJoe Hebert Posts: 2,159
    Timmaa wrote:
    The protocol for the Yamaha is not as scary as the horribly written pdfs make it out to be.
    Can you (or anyone else) point me to a link or post the protocol? I'm having difficulty finding it.

  • Joe,

    Here are the 2 files that I got for it. I get Yamaha stuff from this website:

  • Joe HebertJoe Hebert Posts: 2,159
    Thanks Danny.
  • Joe HebertJoe Hebert Posts: 2,159
    Just as a follow up, AMX has fixed the DUET module and it works like a champ now.
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