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Setting Animation Direction for Bargraphs

Alright, so I'm creating a volume popup, and as we all know volume is boring without the delightful visual aid of a bargraph. So I made my button, turned it to a bargraph, and set the off and on states. So far so good, but the buttons a bit too tall for the dock, so I quickly import the same graphics, just thirty pixels shorter. I switch the state from the taller to the shorter graphics, then lo and behold, it suddenly wants the vertical graph to have the zero value at the top... Why? I haven't a clue, there's literally no difference between the two sets of graphics aside from the fact that one is shorter than the other. I can't find anything to switch this either

-- this seems like there ought to be a simple solution, but I'm simply not finding it. Please help so clients can find their volume both engaging and exciting -- the life of the party, gentlemen.



  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    In the button properties there there are bar graph rang high, range low, and range inverted fields. Range inverted would be the one that changes the direction of the graph.
  • I did this, but to no visible difference; will the effect happen within the graphic changing in TP4? When I check the graph in the Button Preview it still shows it as filling from the top down.

    Also, do you have any ideas as to why it'd be switching between the two graphic sets to begin with? I'm truly befuddled.

  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    OK, apparently that property only applies to the default bargraphs, not those with custom graphics. I would imagine, however, that all you need to do is open up the State Manager window, and re-assign the graphics manually so they correspond to the state you want them to ... which, in this case, would be in reverse order of how they imported.
  • Well, reversing the off and on state did work; now I've got my off state graphic in the on state and vice versa, however I'm still rather confused as to why the same darned graphic would switch like that. It brings gray hairs to my head...
  • DarksideDarkside Posts: 345
    ......It brings gray hairs to my head...
    Welcome aboard!

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