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ClingpeachClingpeach Junior MemberPosts: 156
Switched out one of my masters from an NXI 260 to an NI700 to accomodate firmware upgrades on mvp panels.
IWeather has now been transferred to that master.
Whats happening is the cities around the world are not populating. The first page of countries does populate and then after that nothing. Domestic states populate the cities fine.
Does this sound like a memory issue or something else. The IWeather is not down and we are at a loss.


  • ericmedleyericmedley Senior Member - 4000+ posts Posts: 4,177
    Did you call the Dallas office and transfer the master's subscription and serial number to the new master? The i!-Weather module is master specific. It shouldn't cost anything.
  • ClingpeachClingpeach Junior Member Posts: 156
    Yes sure did.
  • wcravenelwcravenel Junior Member Posts: 114
    I had this happen about a month ago with a new 3100. Unknown amount of hours trying to troubleshoot. I was the only person it had happened to. I do not know exactly how it was fixed, but I had tried all fresh code, only the module (including fresh TP loaded), different ports, different DNS, etc. All told at least 4 hours, including at least 90 minutes total with Tech Support. Would love to know what actually fixed it for the client, if it is still working, that is.....,
  • ClingpeachClingpeach Junior Member Posts: 156
    My programmer told me NOT to add this NI700. I had a solid sytem with my 2 NXC ME260 masters. Of course I could not leave well enough alone. I wanted the latest firmware on my various MVP panels which would not work with the old ME260 masters The firmware that is.
    This NI700 is just causing issues that I never had in the past.
    ie. IWeather
    irl files behaving completely different.
    Im getting ready to trash it. Is it possible that it is a memory issue?
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