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Any one having issues with the amx.com tech site. Working fine on Mozilla and XP but not on Vista specifically the download section


  • When using IE on Vista I suddenly can't get to the tech section from the main menu. I noticed this just started yesterday afternoon. Firefox works OK. I'm sure it is Vista "protecting" me, just like it keeps me from getting to the touch panels using the web interface.
  • i can get into the touch panels using web interface and I have turned off EVERY bit of protection that i can think of
  • I'll have to keep trying. IE and Firefox both die on me when I try to get to the touch panels. That has lead me to believe that it is a Vista OS setting instead of an IE setting. IE complains about downloading some .XML file while firefox just gives a black window.
  • Any update on this?? I was travelling down under got a virus. Had to reload my whole computer now i only have tech access via mozilla and no web panels
  • The only thing new for me was that a couple of days ago I could get to the tech page - I just couldn't get anywhere from the tech page. Works fine in Firefox but IE doesn't work.
    This is on Vista.
  • My IT Guy came in today and loaded virtual pc 2007 with XP PRO and now i have my amx applications running. No dual boot required. What a fiasco this Vista is turning out to be. For anyone running AMX applications the recient Vista applications will cripple your computert. I would love someone to say im wrong.
  • Vista and AMX downloads

    I just built my first Vista machine, and I can't download any app files either. I have noticed that the logon info on top of the web page doesn't keep my name, as is the case under XP.
    So on one hand, it appears to be a Vista thing, on the other hand, other vendor's web sites work fine.
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