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using AMX Biamp AudiaSOLO Module using with a AudiaFLEX

In several projects I have controlled the Biamp AudiaFLEX native with its protocol, which is easy to program. But upto now, feedback was not necessary.

Now I'm working on a large project where I need feedbacks from the Audia. So I'm thinking about to use the AMX AudiaSOLO Module.

So here some questions:
1) is the module working with the AudiaFLEX? Except of some functions, both the SOLO and the FLEX have the same protocol

2) Has anyone some experience with the AudiaFLEX CobraNet commands and CObraNet handling in general? In my project, 3 AudiaFLEX are on the network. I still don't know the programming of the FLEX', but I want to be prepared for anything ;-)

Thank you for any help and information.
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