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Equipment Manager

I am having problems getting equipment manager to work. I am trying to use it with a gmail account. I noticed that gmail requires SSL to get email, and I don't know if equipment manager will do that. Here are the errors that I am getting in diagnostics:

Line 1 (22:49:04):: IPSocketManConnectTask - connect Timed Out
Line 2 (22:49:04):: CIpEvent::OnError 0:11:1
Line 3 (22:49:04):: Pop3 OnError-IP ERROR (7): connection timed out (IP_CLIENT_OPEN)
Line 4 (22:49:04):: Things To Try: The server appears to be offline.
Line 5 (22:49:04):: SendString to socket-local port (11) invalid
Line 6 (22:49:04):: CIpSocketMan::ProcessPLPacket - Socket Already Closed
Line 7 (22:49:04):: CIpEvent::OnError 0:11:1
Line 8 (22:49:04):: Pop3 OnError-IP ERROR (17): Unknown
Line 9 (22:49:04):: CIpEvent::OnError 0:11:1
Line 10 (22:49:04):: Pop3 OnError-IP ERROR (9): Already closed (IP_CLIENT_CLOSE/IP_SERVER_CLOSE)

(in the define start section)

Pop3SetUser('<email username>','<password>')
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