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Major errors have been detected on this disc

Has anyone else seen the message pop-up "Major errors have been detected on this disc. Please check for proper playback" in WinMAX when uploading new DVDs?

I've seen it in all versions of WinMAX up to the current 3.20.7, and with all versions of the MMS900 server firmware up to the latest v4.34.33.

Usually the DVD is a very recent release. I haven't seen it happen very often with older DVDs, but it did happen today with the Disney/Pixar DVD "Cars".

I also haven't had any problems with playback of the DVDs that prompt the above message, but I haven't watched all of them and haven't checked all the bonus features or other extra content on the ones I HAVE watched.

Anyone have comments or questions about this?



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    Cars has some crazy copy protection, I believe the max software just can't crack, er, copy it. I would recommend uploading dvds from a PC instead of the max drive, and have AnyDVD on that computer. Heck, not sure if it should be mentioned, but you can have the fbi stuff and such removed that way as well.

    It won't make the max any more stable :)

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    ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    That's one of they ways they copy protect DVDs nowadays. They deliberately write in errors that most players deal with just fine, but kills software based rips. Kaleidescape put out a white paper on this issue. There are certain known DVDs that will not rip. Pretty sneaky...
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