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Marantz SR9200 protocol or module?

Does anyone have a module or protocol guide for the SR9200? The AMX site has the device in the Third Party Devices database, but there is no module available for download. I have tried the module for the 9300 and 9600 to no avail.

When viewing the traffic through device notifications, I see strings for both the module and out to the comm port, but there is nothing coming back from the device. The literature for the modules indicate it is a cross over cable, but just in case, I also tried a null adaptor on that and still nothing.

Knowing the strings that are going out, I will try a few other comm settings through hyperterminal, and I will try some other ports - in the event that the NI has a bad comm port.

Thanks in advance!



  • ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    Here's the link to the manual online from MArantz.

    It seems pretty straight-forward.

  • CT-DallasCT-Dallas Posts: 157
    Thank you. I found that as well, but did not see the specifics there. Pedro posted on my behalf on a ******** forum and a european dealer found the guide. I attached it, and there are some odd items that I am still having trouble with.

    Page 4:
    "Each SR9200/8200 needs to be assigned ID by the operation of buttons on the front panel. The initial ID setting is 1.
    One character, which locates after Start character descrives ID of the SR9200/8200.
    In case of the ID in a command matches to the SR9200/8200?s ID, the SR9200/8200 will return either ACK (when SR9200/8200 sucsee to receive the command) or NAK (when SR9200/8200 failed to receive the command) within 1 second after it received the command.
    In case the ID in the command does not match to the SR9200/8200?s ID, the SR9200/8200 ignores the command."

    Navigating the On Screen Display, I can not find where this ID is set. The documentation gives the AMX set-up parameters. It seems that nothing I do results in a string back from the receiver. To me, that is why I think the ID could be a factor. I will call their support team to see how to set the ID. The manual does not explain how to do this.

    The protocal guide suggests this for a power query: "@4?P", 0x0D

    Example: Send ?Power status? request command to SR9200/8200 asigined ID=4.

    Command from AMX controller.
    "@4?P", 0x0D

    The 4 is the unit ID, so I have tried sending it as a string and as a command for IDs 1-10, and still nothing.

    I think it is the 232 port on the device. This is quite odd.
  • Joe HebertJoe Hebert Posts: 2,159
    According to page 2 of the doc, the Marantz is using the RTS/CTS handshake lines so I would loop back RTS and CTS on the device side to bypass the handshake requirement so that the Marantz will reply. I can?t tell from the doc if the cable should be str8 or crossed so you?ll need to see which one works.
    AMX --------- Marantz
     2 <-------> 2
     3 <-------> 3
     5 <-------> 5
                 7 --
                 8 --
    AMX --------- Marantz
     2 <-------> 3
     3 <-------> 2
     5 <-------> 5
                 7 --
                 8 ?

    Page 4 of the doc states that the initial ID setting is 1 so I would try that first.

  • CT-DallasCT-Dallas Posts: 157
    Thanks Joe. I was using a premade null modem cable and after reading your post, I think it is time to make one up - and do the loop through of 7 and 8 as you suggested.

    Are there any variations on HSON in netlinx? I spent some time yesterday looking around for syntax to turn on RTS/CTS and the closest I could get was the handshake on command. I went ahead and added that to my online event for the port, but I am not quite sure what form of handshake that is turning on.

  • Be very cautious using any pre-made serial cable - the NI 9pins have multiple uses and cause problems when using pins other than 2,3,& 5 for RS232

    see many other posts on here. Make your own everytime...
  • CT-DallasCT-Dallas Posts: 157
    thanks Jim.

    I was just searching the net for screw-down db9 connectors. I remembered a installer who sells the on ebay and found his website easyadapters .com

    I came back here to see if anyone had used them - especially the new fancy model with a strain relieve (take a look!).

    When I searched "db9 screw," the first post was:

    This is the first device that has given me problems with a premade cable, so I was unaware of how problematic they can be. I was getting the same result via hyperterminal so I did not think anything of it. My initial thought was to forego field installation errors from making the cable in the field. Crimping pins is such a pain and is time consuming - and you can still get it wrong. To me, the screw-down board is a great idea. The AMX version of this is great, but $25 each is a stretch. If they were $5, I think we would order enough for every NI we purchase. For remote devices, I have always made them up, but I have had great success with pre-made's in the equipment rack.

    This device has caused me to rethink my approach. Once I return to the project location, I will be able to see if this is the cause for my issues, but it certainly seems as if it could be the case.
  • CT-Dallas wrote:
    thanks Jim.

    I was just searching the net for screw-down db9 connectors. I remembered a installer who sells the on ebay and found his website easyadapters .com

    I came back here to see if anyone had used them - especially the new fancy model with a strain relieve (take a look!).

    I have used the easyadapters (I ordered some about a year ago, so they aren't the new strain relief versions). They are the best thing for an RS232 connection using either CAT5 or shielded cable. Too many crimp/solder versions have made their way to the landfill, when the connector had to be redone. With these, it is a turn of the tweaker to swap the 2 and 3 wires when that device actually needed a crossover cable (documentation is NEVER wrong!). If anyone doubts me, order a couple of both genders and give it a try.
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