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TPD4 -> G4 Template


To cut time, I imported an exisisting AMX G4 template into TPD4, and changed the background and buttons and such. I went to export it and make it my own template. That went well, and so did the installation of the template. However, I can't open it up. It gives me an:

Error creating project:
An unexpected error has occured: 0xf0000848

My guess is because the templates were originaly made with an earlier version of TPD4. Is it possible for AMX or someone to post a blank template (i.e. all pages are named and such.) Or post a workaround?


  • This is a known issue that occurs when you export a template from TPDesign4 2.3.1, import it into G4 PanelBuilder 1.0, and then attempt to use the template.

    For the time being, your best bet, if you can live without TakeNote capabilities, is to revert back to TPDesign4 2.3 (Build 319) and make your changes there. Unfortunately, the template that you changed with TPD4 2.3.1 won't be able to be opened in TPD4 2.3 either, so you'll have to start over.

    We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • jjamesjjames Posts: 2,908
    Is there a section where I can download the previous version?
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