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Upgraded NI3000 firmwarefrom 135 to 137.kit, got probs

I upgraded an NI3000 firmware from 135.kit to 2105_NI-X000_Master_kit_v2_31_137.kit, after the upgrade the light buttons on the house walls refuse to work.

AMX panel & the 3 mini software panels (2*8 buttons, 1* 16 buttons) all work as before.
But the normal buttons, that are used for daily light swithing the most, dont work anymore.

Any idea what might have gone wrong and what to do to cure the situation?
Any ideas would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance guys.


  • RaitsaRaitsa Posts: 10
    Well, nobody replied, so i had to try something, i`ve been in trouble with this.

    So I downgraded from 137 to the previous 2105_NI_Master_kit_v2_30_135.kit
    but that did not help at all, the same problem persists. (Luckily i had that one still on my hardrive, u cant find the old versions from the amx website).

    When i turn on the diagnostics in Netlinx Studio 2.2 (build 84), i can see that the wallbuttons send commandsto the NI3000 as they should.

    Any ideas on what to do next?

    A bit of hassle to do all the light switching now from the pc, amx wireless panel or from the mini software panels.
  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    What kind of lighting system?

    First thing I would try, if you haven't already, is reloading the code. Firmware updates reboot the master, but don't reset variables, something might have gotten stuck in an in-between state. Unless they are marked as persistent, all variable will be reset by a code download, and that would clear any dodgy sync issues. After you get it working again you can look into why it happened and plugging the hole without a customer breathing down your back about lights they can't control :).
  • RaitsaRaitsa Posts: 10
    Hi DHawthorne and thanks again for offering to help.

    The lightning setup is kinda european (i am based in Finland, Europe), i wont go into more detail about how its done.

    But anyways, the problem is fixed now with the online help from a qualified installer, now can i sleep with ease ;)
    Thanks a million Mika.

    Strangely, 2 device addresses had mysteriously changed:


    was originally:

    Not sure why this happened, but now i know what to do, if something like this happens in the future firmware upgrades

    I am now back to 135.kit, and i feel tempted to go ahead with upgrading to 137.kit, but let see...
    What does the sentence "never change a working setup" mean?
  • Joe HebertJoe Hebert Posts: 2,159
    Originally posted by Raitsa
    ...Strangely, 2 device addresses had mysteriously changed:

    IN1 = 32007:1:1
    IN2 = 32001:1:1

    was originally:
    IN1 = 32003:1:5001
    IN2 = 32006:1:5001

    Not sure why this happened, but now i know what to do, if something like this happens in the future firmware upgrades
    Hi Raitsa,

    The devices you listed are using dynamic device IDs and it looks like that?s why it happened. Dynamic Device IDs fall in the range of 32001-32767 and they are IDs that are assigned by the master kind of like how DHCP works with PC networks. There is also a good possibility that they will change again. Your best bet is to go into Netlinx Studio 2 and select Diagnostics and then Device Addressing... and assign "static" IDs to them. You will then have to go to DEFINE_DEVICE in your code and change the devices to their new assigned addresses. Once you do that you won?t have to worry about power outages, reboots, or firmware upgrades messing with the device IDs.

    Hope this helps.

  • RaitsaRaitsa Posts: 10
    Hey Joe and thanks for the reply, i will do the changes you suggested, thanks a lot for the information, much appreciated!

    Regards: Raitsa
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