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Syslog messaging

For anyone who has used Syslog as a way to monitor off-site Netlinx masters, I have a question. I am trying to get my Netlinx program to send Syslog debug messages to an Internet address or URL. If I have my laptop on the same LAN as the processor, I can route the Syslog messages to either the .255 broadcast address (such as or even to the specific address of my laptop directly. And I can monitor the messages via a Syslog server, such as WinSyslog. But if I send the syslog messages to an internet address (basically, my public IP address), the Netlinx does not appear to even try to send the packet. I have used Ethereal to monitor the packets and there is no UDP packets sent if I route the message to the Internet address. I have verified my Netlinx master has the correct gateway and DNS servers defined. And I know my router is configured correctly because another third party box that I have programmed to do the very same thing works fine.

Does anyone know if Netlinx can route a UDP message in this way? Does anyone know of another way to do the same thing, specifically with Syslog messages on port 514?

For those that are curious, all that Syslog requires to use with Netlinx is to open a UDP client connection to port 514. You can then send strings to a piece of software that will timestamp and capture the messages to a file. You can also easily set up filters and e-mail handling based on the received messages.

Thanks in advance.

Sheldon Samuels
IPS Resources LLC


  • I've had no problems sending messages from any system to my server using a dyndns url
  • Do you know what firmware you are running on the processor (and which processor)?

    Are you simply opening a UDP socket connection to the URL on port 514? Or are you doing something else?

    Thanks for the reply.
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