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Does anyone have EPROM files for the AXT-CP of the later G3 version? The current firmware in my units is 1.31. There is a version 5.0x that brings them up to G3. Given the quantity of these panels that I have, I would love to be able to update them myself. I have the appropriate equipment, just need the files.

Thank you very much.


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    You will also need the memory upgrade too.. They neglect to mention this. The firmware chips are only like $30-50 from AMX.. I got them in and then found out I needed the $300-500 memory upgrade!

    I wound up scoring another one on ebay that was dead (but had the memory installed) for like $50...

    Kevin D.
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    TurnipTruckTurnipTruck Posts: 1,485
    I beleive I already have the memory upgrades installed as there is a sticker on the units saying "ext mem." Does anyone know the how to be sure the memory was upgraded? If it has not been, maybe I could find out chips are used to extend the memory. I have lots of connections for small chip orders. I am still seeking the EPROM files for the firmware too.

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    If you have a really small amount of memory, you have the upgrade.. ;)

    Should have ~1024k total if you have the memory upgrade. I haven't fooled around with TPD1 much, but see if there's a way to check total memory on the system page..

    I just checked my dead panel. It's got 3.2E on it. First release with the TPD3 firmware. If you don't get anywhere on the files, I can send you these chips. (Panel is dead and doesn't have the memory upgrade).. I would just ask that you send your's 1.X chips back when you get everything setup.. Check software history and see if you will need what was fixed up to 5.03..

    I would try calling AMX tech support first.. The upgrade was cheap enough that I imagine it just covers the chips and the time it takes for someone to burn them. They provide files for the newer panels, so should be able to send you the older ones (with the understanding you will be burning them yourself)..

    Good luck,

    Kevin D.
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    The RAM used in these panels is really very inexpensive...as long as you don't buy it from AMX.

    - Chip
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