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Weatherhawk Still having trouble

I have a project where we have a Weatherhawk station connected to 2 RF-400 interfaces at the same time. One RF-400 is always connected to the Client's PC and the other RF-400 is connected to a NI-3100 Netlinx Master. I am using the AMX module Comm and UI without modifications and here are the problems I am facing:

1) After rebooting the Master the Weatherhawk module will work good for 30 or 45 minutes on AMX. I have 5 Modero panels receiving the data. But after that AMX stops receiving info from the RF-400 module.

2) The Client's PC never fails. We tried another PC on the RF-400 interface connected to AMX and it has been working fine for more than 24 hours. So, it looks like there is something wrong with the AMX module or its config.

3) We called Weatherhawk and made sure the client's device number was different than AMX, as well as changing the PC querying to 35 second intervals, not to conflict with the AMX module, but it didn't help.

Any special settings to the module that I need to know? Any Ideas? I see on the AMX module docummentation some send commands like:


I tried them without much luck either. Where is the best place to put the above send_commands? Define_Start, Device_Online or other? Any suggestions?


Ricardo W. Siqueira
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