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Sony 777ES DVD Changer - Power Off Problem

Reese JacobsReese Jacobs Junior MemberPosts: 347
We have a customer installation with a number of Escient DVDM-100 DVD Managers that are coupled with Sony 777ES 400-disc DVD changers. For the most part, the systems work well but periodically the Sony 777 will power off in the middle of a movie unexpectedly and without explanation. The Escient DVD Manager is still powered on (no power issues), the customer does not have a remote control since we are controlling the changer through the Escient using Netlinx/TP, and we know that Netlinx is not sending a command to the Manager for a power off. In other words, there does not seem to be any external influence that is causing the DVD changer only to power off.

Does anyone else have Sony 777ES changers that might have experienced similar problems? There are several 777 firmware updates in the field now including version 1510 and a new version 1520. We have not however seen any explicit references in the firmware updates regarding this particular issue although we do not yet have a link and documentation for the newest 1520 version.

Thanks in advance for any information.


  • Reese JacobsReese Jacobs Junior Member Posts: 347
    Never mind, see Sony IQ Knowledge Database entry C32206 which notes that the DVD Player will power itself off unexpectedly as the result of a microprocessor hang problem. Sony recommends a hard reset to correct the problem but recommends the unit be returned for service as this does not typically resolve the issue.

    In case someone else runs into this issue, head to your nearest Sony Service Center with receipt in hand for warranty service (after you remove the 400 DVDs you painfully loaded into the unit).

    So much for Sony ES quality ... :)
  • MikeMike Junior Member Posts: 1

    Reese - have you had any problems with the DVDM100 staying visible on the network? I've got a job where it keeps disappearing... any advice?
  • Reese JacobsReese Jacobs Junior Member Posts: 347
    DVDM100 Network Issue


    No, the DVDM-100 has actually been rock solid thus far. I did write a custom module for it and I use TCP for control. My Netlinx module connects to the device and keeps the connection open indefinitely. I did add code to 'ping' the device every 15 minutes using a TIMELINE to ensure the connection stays open but as I said, the DVDM-100 has been great so far. I also have a number of other Fireball units on the network and they too have been fine so far.

    I did find an issue with the new E2-300 Fireball. It is based on a different software version than the existing Fireballs and it will terminate a TCP connection/session every hour regardless of whether you have sent or received data on the connection. Escient has acknowledged the issue but have not indicated they plan to fix the problem. Their advice was to write the module to reconnect when the device closes the connection which is of course easy enough to do. The reason I made this point is that the DVDM-100 and the other Fireball units including the MP-100 are expected to get the same software upgrade after the start of the new year and it is possible that this problem will then be present with those products as well.

    The only obvious reason I could think of that would explain your DVDM-100 dropping off the network would be a duplicate IP address. If you had a network sniffer, you might try that to see if it provided any details on the network that might explain the problem.

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