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I have an existing G4 TPD file- how difficult would it be to alter it to an existing AMX Aqua Lens TPD file - would I have to change page by page or is there a way of importing the template


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    If I understand what you're attempting to do correctly, you would have to do this by hand. The G4 PanelBuilder templates are starting points and provide a one-way route to producing a TPD4 project file. The resulting project, or any other TPD4 project for that matter, cannot simply have a new template applied to it.

    The only way this can be done automatically is between G4 PanelBuilder projects. For instance, if you have a PB4 project that uses the Graphically Sound template and decide you would rather use the Aqua Lens template, simply choose 'File->New From File' (or 'Start from existing project' from the Tasks Pane), select the existing PB4 project, and then select the new template to use.

    I hope this answers your question and points you in the right direction.
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    Ive been playing around with it
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