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Extended memory & firmware questions

Is 1MB the limit on extended memory for G3 touchpanels, or is larger memory available?

Second, any leads on where I can find the best price on some extended memory - largest available? I'd like to upgrade at least two panels, more if it's not too expensive. Panels are already G3 but only have 237kb of memory and I'm hitting that limit fast with fonts & bitmaps.

Lastly, does newer firmware make panels faster? I have a panel at version 5.x, and several panels at version 3.x (all EL+). Page changes on the v3.x panels are significantly slower than the 5.x. I'm wondering if a firmware upgrade would be worth the investment.

Thank you.


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    The memory requirements and maximums for G3 depends on the panel type:

    - AX-LC/EL: required 256kByte, max. 1MByte
    - AX-CA/CV/CP: required and maximum 1MByte
    - AX-MLC required and maximum 256kByte
    - AX-MCA/MCV required and maximum 512kByte
    - AX-MCP fixed to 2.5MByte
    - VPT/VPW/VPN fixed to 2.5MByte
    - 10.4" Panels: fixed to 5MByte
    - TPI3 fixed to 9MByte
    - CV6 fixed to 2.5MByte
    - CP4/CP4A fixed to 2.5 MByte

    In the panel which can be flashed, the memory is partitioned in fixed ranges for Icons, Fonts, Pages/Buttons and Bitmaps. If one of these ranges is full, other ranges can still be loaded.

    In the panels with firmware- and memory chips, because of the older hardware platform, the memory isn't partitioned in the above ranges, so it's not possible to find out the limits exactly.

    In your case, check the panel files for unused pages, buttons, fonts and graphics, and delete them.

    I don't have the exact memory types, but I'll ask our repair department for the types.

    Especially at the EL panels, the v5 firmware is much faster than the v3. Keep in mind that on the EL series, there are 2 different firmware versions for the AXT and the AXM/AXU/AXD hardware.
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    Thanks Marc. Looks like I need some 1MByte upgrades for the EL panels, then, and a firmware upgrade to v5 for the speed. I'd just buy some 10.4" color panels to replace 'em, but these are going in a vehicle and I need the "high light readability" that the ELs provide.

    If anyone knows where to find the best price on this memory (and/or firmware), I'm all ears (err, eyes...).
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