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Netlinx Studio 2.2 and DUET


Will Netlinx Studio 2.2 and DUET (Nelinx Studio 2.3?) both live in harmony on the same machine or will DUET basically overwrite Studio 2.2?



  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    They will intermix. You can have code segments in both, there will be a code router handling all that. On first release, we will see modules in Java with the main program in NetLinx; as I understand it, the ability to write your main code in Java is coming later.

    It occurs to me I might have answered a different question than you asked :). As for the programming environment, I can't imagine that they won't play well together. After all, Studio 1.2 resides happily on the same machine as 2.2.
  • NetLinx Studio 2.3 will have the possibility to use Duet Java modules almost the same way you now use NetLinx Modules in your program.

    CafeDuet is the IDE which can create Duet Modules, and this IDE is a different program.
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