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waiting on duet....

Has anyone resolved this issue -- as your uploading and you watch the progress of the upload, a message states that it is waiting on Duet? I have a NI-2000 and it sits for 45 seconds which adds to the upload time.There has got to be a way to "turn it off".


  • GSLogicGSLogic Posts: 562
    The waiting on duet issue is in the firmware. The only work around it is to reload the master with a non-duet firmware.
    Which is not a bad idea if you don't use the duet modules. The only down fall is you will lose the new web interface with daylight saving.
  • ColzieColzie Posts: 470
    Timed out waiting for DUET

    Is this related to the message

    Line 1 (13:21:30):: CIpInterpreter: Timed out waiting for DUET

    I've seen this on a few NI-X000 processors, but not all. (Firmware dependent?). This diagnostics message is reported during startup, which causes the processor to pause for ~60 seconds after every reboot. I thought I've updated NI-X000 processors to v3.30.371 before without seeing this delay? My duet memory is set to 3M, though I don't use any duet modules. I'd love to figure out what causes this. Any thoughts?
  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    I believe you see it on masters that once had a Duet module installed, but you later removed it. I haven't toyed around with how to clear it though ... perhaps the "clear doc" command, then reload everything?
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