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Up-and download with ftp

I looking for a ftp-module that, upload a file from netlinx master to ftp-server and download from ftp-server to the netlinx master.
Thanx for your help.


  • viningvining Posts: 4,368
    i!-EquipmentMonitor should have what you need. There's also i!-FTPSender which might help.
    These are a good start but you'll most likely have to adapt it to your needs depending on what you're trying to accomplish. There are a lot of FTP commands that aren't used in these modules that allow you to various FTP options;
    I've found the MDTM command to be very useful.

    Oh! Not all servers support all commands. There are slight differences in most FTP servers.
  • BinuBinu Posts: 49
    Try Filezilla Ftp server with i!-FTPSender. its working perfect.
  • viningvining Posts: 4,368
    Binu wrote:
    Try Filezilla Ftp server with i!-FTPSender. its working perfect.
    Filezilla FTP Server is also what I've been using for years. Free download from SourceForge or just google it. I would also download the client app too.
  • Chip MoodyChip Moody Posts: 727
    If you're talking about doing FTP both ways from NetLinx code, it can be done. Study up on the FTP protocol - read through the RFCs for it and such. You'll have to write it yourself though. The key to FTP is that you're using TWO IP_Client connections - one talks with the server to issue commands, the second actually transports the data.

    - Chip
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