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G4 Panel Bulder

I created a panel using the Aqua Lens template for an MVP8400. Now that is the only template that will open. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the templates, and the application. Any suggestions?

Here is a screenie of the error.



  • What version of G4PB are you using? Did you just install the template? Did you previously have the other templates installed?
  • davieodavieo Posts: 42
    In order:


    I have deleted and reinstalled all the templates - I previously had a few installed, but deleted and reinstalled ALL.

    I have tried reinstalling each template individually. The only one that consistantly works any more is Aqua Lens.

  • I removed the CrimsonCurves for now. However, all the other templates should be in good shape.
  • davieodavieo Posts: 42
    Working great now!

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